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The secret of its charms was its satirical take on modern suburban culture using absurd, anachronistic elements in a Stone Age setting. Superman always sprung to life on the page, but repeatedly proved to be a challenge onscreen.

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How do you provoke an indestructible, goodie-two-shoes hero? First, they introduced a Superman who was extremely durable rather than totally impervious. Making Lois Lane an active hero herself helped as well, and the realistic animation fit these updates, along with the bright tone and driving score.

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In Ponyville, the unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle and her dragon pal Spike befriend five other ponies as part of a task given to her by mentor Princess Celestia. Or the one where the crew was visited by their Bizarro counterparts. Or all the ones where Sealab blew up at the end, only to be perfectly fine in the next episode. Pod 6 was jerks.

A wallaby, a cow, and a turtle walk into a television set, and the jokes just kept rolling from there. Whether warning against the dangers of megacorporation Conglom-O, visiting Heck for some existential lessons from satanic overlord Pinky, or taking a poke at celebrity culture in Holl-o-Wood, the cult favorite was self-aware, sharp, and introduced the world to impeccable talents like Tom Kenny and Carlos Alazraqui.

Magic, science fiction, and Shakespeare came together in the mids for one of the most bonkers animated series ever. The premise might have seemed relatively complicated: Mythical creatures known as gargoyles spend their days hanging out on the corners of buildings, frozen in stone, and at night, they come alive.

But really it was a tale of family and romance set against a fantastical backdrop, which delivered no shortage of crazy plot elements especially in its second season.

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The wealthy Scrooge McDuck is a curmudgeonly yet charming foil for his rapscallion grand nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and along with the pilot Launchpad, they enjoy all manner of global and historical escapades worthy of Indiana Jones himself. The series was so popular that it lives again in a reboot on Disney XD. Operating Theatre cartoon 4 of Search ID: ggm Operating Theatre cartoon 5 of Search ID: jmp Operating Theatre cartoon 6 of Operating Theatre cartoon 7 of Operating Theatre cartoon 8 of Operating Theatre cartoon 9 of Operating Theatre cartoon 10 of Operating Theatre cartoon 11 of Search ID: CX Operating Theatre cartoon 12 of Operating Room Artist: Stevenson, James.

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