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How does the audience perceive Oedipus' quarrels with Teiresias and Creon? Are these two ideas completely incompatible?

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Character Descriptions. Object Descriptions. Daily Lessons. Fun Activities. One thing that emerges very strongly from a survey of this language is that the central role of interpreter is played by Oedipus himself. The same idea recurs at , when Oedipus has heard the thunder and announces that his prophesied end has come, and Antigone asks him " How do you know? Athanassaki, L.

Apolline Politics and Poetics: International Symposium.

Sofocle: Edipo a Colono. Budelmann, F.

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Burian, P. Bushnell, R. Cairns, D. Dawe, R. Studies on the Text of Sophocles , Vol. Easterling, P.

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Edmunds, L. Lanham, MD.

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Segal, C. Tragedy and Civilization. Cambridge MA. Solomon, J. Apollo: Origins and Influences.

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Sommerstein, A. West, M. Dawe, ed. Sophocles II, Gnomon —8. It is for this reason that he presides over oracles, including the great Oracle at Delphi. At and it is used of Oedipus' significant words; cf. Kavoulaki OT Henrichs , who points out that these and other titles, e. The theme is recalled at important moments later in the play: , , At Aeschylus Agamemnon -8 Clytemnestra speaks of Cassandra standing among the many slaves at the household altar. Markantonatos , n. This has to be understood as "and reflecting, too, from myself sc. Teiresias at Antigone with Bushnell For the earlier tradition, see Mastronarde 27 with n.

Eteocles at Aeschylus Seven against Thebes 70, but there the emphasis is on a curse already uttered by Oedipus; cf. OC makes very significant changes to the story; cf.