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Thesis Prefatory Page Templates. Thesis Submission Instructions. These instructions will guide graduate students through the ProQuest thesis submission process. Graduation Checklist. Steps for graduation for thesis and non-thesis master's students. Residency Requirements. At least one full-time academic year—the residency year—must be completed. Credit Requirement.

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Doctoral candidates must complete the equivalent of at least 81 quarter credits of graduate-level work beyond the baccalaureate degree, over the course of at least three calendar years. Each program sets its own policy regarding acceptance of transfer credits. Advancement to Candidacy.

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Advancing to candidacy signifies that the student has completed their coursework, as well as other requirements as defined by their graduate program, and is ready to move forward to the dissertation phase. Dissertation Committee Policy. Graduate Faculty Policies and Procedures. Policies regarding who are graduate faculty and who can serve on dissertations. Oral Defense Procedures. A formal public defense must take place on campus at a date set by the committee chair and approved by the Graduate School.

Oral Defense Waiver of Attendance. The best practice is to have all members of the dissertation committee physically present at the final oral defense, but in cases where that is not possible, some exceptions can be made. Doctoral students who are studying clinical, counseling, and school psychology are required, by the American Psychological Association to complete a 1-year internship before being awarded their doctoral degree.

Dissertation Formatting Guidelines. The thesis and dissertation style and policy manualwas created as a guide to help graduate students establish the physical format and appearance of an electronic thesis or dissertation ETD.

Dissertation Prefatory Page Templates. Dissertation Submission Instructions. These instructions will guide graduate students through the ProQuest dissertation submission process. Complete Withdrawal from the University. Students are both academically and financially responsible for all classes in which they register until they officially withdraw from the university. Disability Accommodations for GEs. Graduate students with an underlying physical or mental condition that is interfering with their ability to perform the duties of their position may qualify as an individual with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Exceptions to the. A department may only hire a GE over. Review the requirements and restrictions. Full-Time Equivalent. Full-time equivalent FTE is a unit that indicates the workload of an employee. However, there may be some circumstances under which it is appropriate for a GE to be assisted by another GE. GEs in Graduate-Level Courses.

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Review the specific restrictions for this placement. Graduate students with complaints arising from their employment as graduate employees should follow the grievance procedures specified by their collective bargaining agreement. Non-native speakers of English who accept graduate employee positions GE for teaching-related positions must submit to a test of their English-speaking ability.

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Levels of Appointment. Review the definitions for the three levels of GE appointments. Paid and Unpaid Absences. Summer Tuition Waiver. Appointment Costs. Cost Charging Guidance. Details on how tuition, fees, insurance and OPE are charged; hiring a GE from a different college; centrally supported administrative GEs; tuition support for grant-funded level III GEs; and the financial implications of hiring a GE from a different college.

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Employment Verification and References for GEs. Students must submit consent forms to their hiring unit in order for information to be released for employment and reference verifications. GDRS Information. Hiring Documents. There are a number of documents that must be submitted directly to the Payroll Office for those students who are being hired for the first time, for those who are international, and for those who've had a lapse in employment.

Hiring Payroll Procedures. Each variation was noted and an algorithm was developed to address the most common forms and some of the more prevalent problematic forms. While processing the contributor element, any unusual findings were mapped to the MARC Added Entry—Uncontrolled Name for evaluation after the harvest. As a backup, anything the algorithm missed will be detected by our authority control vendor and reported as errors that can be cleaned up later.

In future harvests, the algorithm may need to be adjusted to address new issues that may arise. A simplified version of the algorithm to convert direct-order personal names as harvested into name added entries in the MARC bibliographic record in inverted order i. This algorithm may not appear to follow a logical pattern. The apparent illogic is due to having to write code within the limitations of variable assignments in XSLT. This practice introduced a large number of characters not generally compatible with online library catalogs.

During additional troubleshooting, a sample harvest was imported into a local save file in the OCLC Connexion client.

A considerable number of these records did not validate because of incompatible characters. A two-pronged approach was used to address these characters. First, a script was written using AutoIt that reads in a MarcEdit. There are four different Unicode normalization forms, and through testing, NKFD produced the best results. The remainder of the template converts individual non-compatible characters into their compatible equivalents or as bracketed interpolations.

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These included both lowercase and uppercase Greek letters used as mathematical variables, right and left quotes and double quotes, a variety of dash and hyphen symbols, a large number of characters found in the Unicode Private Use Area for Microsoft symbol fonts, and other assorted mathematical symbols such as the infinity symbol. Because there is no way to predict what kinds of non-compatible characters thesis authors might include in their metadata, and developing a template to handle thousands of such characters is time-consuming, the AutoIt script used to detect them will be part of the workflow for future harvests.

Throughout the development of this customized template, the Digital Access Team invested a significant amount of effort to minimize the amount of work needed in future harvests. The team expects that further tweaks will be necessary; the decision to implement a given enhancement will be based on whether the time required to implement the enhancement will save time or resources in the future.

As noted above, the old workflow was largely manual.