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In addition to the casualties incurred, ERW hinder reconstruction, the return of refugees, the delivery of humanitarian assistance and other essential activities. ERW prolong the effects of war even after the fighting parties have agreed on a peace settlement. The problem is not new. ERW have been a by-product of nearly every armed conflict in modern times. An estimated 84 countries are affected by ERW, and some have been grappling with the problem for decades.

For example, in Laos, somewhere between 9 and 27 million unexploded submunitions remain, although hostilities ended in Around 11, people in Laos have been killed or injured by ERW, more than 30 per cent of whom were children.

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Even short-lived conflicts can result in a major ERW problem. During the armed conflict in mid, Lebanon became littered with unexploded submunitions and other ERW. Since the end of the war, more than civilians have been killed or injured.

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What is its impact on the current system of rights and remedies? Placed within the context of other international and regional sales laws, one may say that those who shop in the market for laws are now spoilt for choice. But how is such choice to be exercised? Choice implies the selection of one instrument over the other, giving rise to notions of competition.

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It is in that sense important to understand how parties make such choices. This roundtable is divided into three panels, distinguished on the basis of perspective. Contributions in the first panel offer an institutional perspective on the choices available. A second panel focuses on competition between the instruments and how parties may be expected to choose. The third sheds some light on the similarities and differences between the instruments, suggesting criteria to evaluate these instruments, as well as views on what the best instrument is. Speakers are drawn from academia, legal practice, as well as commercial interests. Attendance is free but do note that space is limited. If you are subsequently unable to attend, please send an email to that effect to the same address.

The conference proceedings were in Dutch, and aimed at stakeholders in the Dutch community. Check your email, discount code is already there.

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