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He went on to say that Cobain's suicide made him angry. On the following Sunday's show, he apologized on the air, saying he should have taken Cobain's depression into account. He also read only critical feedback from listeners without interjecting any commentary of his own.

Andy Rooney: His last essay on 60 Minutes (video) -

Rooney's shorter television essays have been archived in numerous books, such as Common Nonsense , which came out in , and Years of Minutes , probably his best-known work, released in He penned a regular syndicated column for Tribune Media Services that ran in many newspapers in the United States, and which has been collected in book form. He won three Emmy Awards for his essays, which numbered over 1, He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Emmy in Rooney's renown made him a frequent target of parodies and impersonations by a diverse group of comedic figures, including Frank Caliendo , Rich Little and Beavis.

Rooney's final regular appearance on 60 Minutes was on October 2, , after 33 years on the show. It was his 1,th commentary. He claimed on Larry King Live to have a liberal bias, stating, "There is just no question that I, among others, have a liberal bias.

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I mean, I'm consistently liberal in my opinions. He reaffirmed this in Over the years, many of his editorials poked fun at the concept of God and organized religion.

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Increased speculation on this was brought to a head by a series of comments he made regarding Mel Gibson 's film The Passion of the Christ I'm not even Irish-American. I am American, period.

  • Former "60 Minutes" Commentator Andy Rooney Dead at Age 92.
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  • In , when four people were fired at CBS News perhaps because of the Killian documents controversy, Rooney said, "The people on the front lines got fired while the people most instrumental in getting the broadcast on escaped. He later wrote, "her name does not appear as often as it originally did [in my essays] because it hurts too much to write it. Rooney was hospitalized on October 25, , after developing postoperative complications from an undisclosed surgical procedure, and died on November 4, , at the age of 92, less than five weeks after his last appearance on 60 Minutes.

    According to Dr. Joel Wallach's author of the mid '90's, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie", the undisclosed surgical procedure which led to fatal complications was a routine colonoscopy.

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    Thank You, Andy

    Jane Pauley. Margaret Brennan. Rooney won one of his four Emmy Awards for a piece on whether there was a real Mrs. Smith who made Mrs. As it turned out, there was no Mrs. He complained about people who keep track of how many people die in car accidents on holiday weekends. More than three decades later, he was railing about how unpleasant air travel had become. He loved his life and he lived it on his own terms. We will miss him very much. True to his occasional crotchety nature, though, he complained about being famous or bothered by fans. His last wish from fans: If you see him in a restaurant, just let him eat his dinner. Rooney was a freelance writer in when he encountered CBS radio star Arthur Godfrey in an elevator and — with the bluntness millions of people learned about later — told him his show could use better writing.