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So why not step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, innovate, learn in your everyday work and trust in your dreams! Veoneer is a lean, innovative company at the forefront of technology committed to discovering ways to make transportation safer, easier and more enjoyable.

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Veoneer builds on a heritage of close to 70 years of automotive safety development. In July , we became an independent, publicly traded company, when we separated from the worldwide leader in automotive safety Autoliv, Inc. Applicant tracking system by Teamtailor.

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Pedro Domingos: "The Master Algorithm" - Talks at Google

Instruction can be given in English or Finnish. Within these study tracks, instruction is nearly always in English:.

Open Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

Within the following study track, some of the instruction is given in Finnish, but it is also possible to graduate with teaching in English:. Within the Algorithms study track, you will study effective algorithms and their application within other disciplines and in corporate life. Future IT systems will contain more and more intelligent components, the function of which will be based on complex mathematical models created automatically with the aid of machine-learning methods.

The problems to be solved are computationally challenging, and the ever increasing amounts of data create their own challenge when it comes to the efficiency of the algorithms needed.

The courses in this study track are mathematically oriented. This indirect communication between the ants via pheromone trailsknown as stigmergyenables them to find shortest paths between their nest and food sources.

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The ACO metaheuristic uses this behaviour for solving combinatorial optimization problems. The aim of this thesis is to develop one ore more variants of the ACO metaheuristic to solve the variable sized bin packing problem VSBPP , which is a combinatorial optimization problem. The components of the library must be robust, flexible and must be throughly tested for performance tuning, providing ready-to-use solutions to common problems in the area, like nearest neighbor search or orthogonal range search, using state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures.

Besides the implementation of the library itself, careful computational experiments must be conducted to establish the practical performance of its components, with systematic comparisons when the library provides alternative solutions to a given problem. The experiments should also serve to find variants and heuristics of the standard data structures and algorithms which improve the performance, e.

Unfortunately, only a very small part of the SMTL was actually implemented, but it proposed a coherent and homogeneous framework for the kind of library that we want to develop for the present Master Thesis proposal. A good level for reading and writing in English is a must, and knowledge of LaTeX is also desirable. Needed resources Carrying out the computational experiments requires access to high performance computers.

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For the rest of the tasks, implementation, documentation, etc.