What does related coursework mean on a resume

How to include coursework on a resume

Otherwise, you could list it in the education section like this:. Use your best judgment, and always consider the position before including your relevant coursework.

The keyword is "relevant," so remember to avoid mentioning unrelated courses or listing all of your academic accomplishments. Could you use some help? It's a quick and easy way to get your resume in shape for an awesome job search. By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies.

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How to list college coursework on resume?

Search Career Advice. Including relevant coursework on a resume Make your resume standout further by including details of coursework relevant to the job.

Relevant coursework can brighten your resume. Tags: resume resume tips education coursework college major college degree college education.


How to Include Relevant Coursework On a Student Resume

Related Articles. Comments By commenting, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Browse articles by Career Paths. If you think relevant coursework is going to be the primary feature of your experience, putting it at the top of your resume so it's in the main part of the document where a professional experience section would normally go is the best call. In this case, you should use the detailed coursework listing format above. Conversely, if your relevant coursework is simply a supplement to the rest of your resume this is likely to be the case if you already have internship or work experience , it'd be best to place it below the education section of your resume.

In this case, you'll probably want tot use the single or multi-column format above, so as to maximize space for your internship and work experiences.

Classes I Am Currently Taking in Relevant Coursework?

You can consider including relevant coursework on your resume if you're a student or recent less than a year out graduate. In these cases, including relevant coursework in your resume is a good way to demonstrate that you have relevant expertise, even if you don't have professional experience yet.

Once you're over a year out of college, focusing on your professional experiences and achievements is a better way to demonstrate your professional chops. Another situation in which relevant coursework wouldn't be applicable is if you're applying for a job that won't find relevant coursework useful in the hiring process. For example, if you're applying for waiter or cashier jobs , such employers won't care about your relevant coursework — instead, they'll want to know if you've had past experience in such positions and understand the industry.

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Armed with this information, you'll now be able to include relevant coursework on your resume when appropriate. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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